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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Halloween Votive

Hope it's not too early for one little Halloween craft post?  I've just had the holiday on my mind lately.  My son is already suggesting costumes and I've been thinking about what craft I'm going to have the kids do for our school carnival.  So needless to say, that's lead to a lot of ideas such as these Vintage Votive Candles.

This craft was inspired by Fellow Fellows' houses by night.  They're pretty much constructed the same way only they're Halloween images instead of houses.  I'm just going to share brief instructions on how I made them.  If you need a visual, check out Fellow Fellows' blog.


Glass candle votive
Vintage Clip art - The images that work out the best have a good about of white space in them.  The clip art I used came from The Graphics Fairy blog.  Here are the links for the Raven, Owl and Girl Witch.


1.  Print out images on standard printer paper.  You might need to adjust the size of an image depending on your votive.

2. Cut image out and wrap around glass votive.  Tape paper together in the back.

3.  Add a tea light.

*Never leave candles unattended.  The paper can get hot.

 Another idea would be to use haunted houses or grave stone photos/illustrations.


Pallot said...

Good idea...I get trick-or-treaters at my house and I think i'll try this with old jars. I have a lot of nice thin ones and if I cut the paper just right, it will disguise the top.

zakkalife said...


Love the idea of using old jars!

Caca said...

Very creative. I wonder how it looks like in dark. Must be very spooky.

zakkalife said...


They look really nice in the dark with the light shining through the images. I would have taken a picture but I always find in challenging to take pictures in the dark. I think I need to do a little research and get some good photo tips.

LimeRiot said...

Definitely not too early!! I'm working on some vintage Halloween crafting too. These are so fun and look pretty simple to put together. Thanks for the great

Anonymous said...

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lisbonlioness said...

LOL! The owl just made me snort coffee through my nose... yeah, I am classy like that. I LOVE this project! Thanks a lot for sharing.

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