Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Jessica Okui


Nancy G said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog from another blog that lead me to yet another blog.
I love your posts!
... officially added to my Craft blog folder.

Thank You for your hard work, it shows ♥

Nancy Prouty

Anonymous said...

I just happened by your blog and I must say I think I love you. I want to try EVERYTHING!!!


Kimberly said...

I love your web site!
Just picked up some cute fabric in Okinawa. I wanted to make a drawstring bag with it. Do you know where I could get cotton cord (japanese import) in the U.S.? They had the cutest colors in Okinawa but forgot to pick some up.

Three Potato Four said...

hello i have added your button to my blog i hope this is ok as i LOVE your blog to bits!! i love the mini koi fish!

Unknown said...

Hi! I happened upon your blog when I googled "how to curl grosgrain ribbon." Your 2008 post on the topic came up. I immediately added you to my list of blog subscriptions.

ykchong said...

Hi, Jessica

I m from Malaysia, I like everything by handmade. Because it looks unique, creative and environment friendly.

YK Chong

Mommy of Many Littles said...

Looking for snowman ideas for our homeschool craft session on SNOW..we stumbled upon your YUMMY inspiration. We HAD to add it to our website. For your consideration and approval:

Sibbie said...

Hi Jessica,
I love the matryoshka packing tape and would like to be included in your giveaway.
My favorite thing is paper crafting...mostly greeting cards. I discovered your blog while searching for a matryoshka card idea. I found yours and loved it. (Mine was all in white...I'll email a photo to you.)
I have subscribed to your blog ever since. I love seeing your amazing energy and creativity.
Blessings to you and your family from a senior citizen in Texas.
Sylvia Papoutsas

Anonymous said...

Love your craft ideas! Thanks for posting them!


fashionblog said...

Hi! I just stopped by since your on Bloglovin, just browsing but where really happy to see all your handcrafts, lovely pieces and wish you best of luck for the future..well done! xx Alice

Elsa said...

Hi Jessica,
thanks so much for coming by my blog and making such a nice comment! it means a lot to me. I love your blog and always interested in seeing what you're up to!

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