Friday, June 22, 2007

Kleenex Box Card

Who would of thought one could make a sophisticated looking card from a recycled Kleenex box! I cut this knight image out from one of those square Kleenex boxes . There were three other images I was able to get from the box as well, a King, a Queen, and a Bishop.

Kleenex Card Directions


image cut from a kleenex box
black card stock
gold card stock
double sided tape
small adhesive foam mounting squares


1. Cut a piece of black card stock slightly larger than your image (about 1/8 inch all around)
2. Cut a piece of gold card stock slightly larger than the black card stock (about 1/8 inch all
3. Mount picture to the black card stock with the adhesive foam mounting squares
4. Double stick tape this on the gold card stock (you should have three layers)
5. Cut another piece of black card stock to 81/2" by 51/2", fold in half (this is your card)
6. Double stick tape the three layered image in the center of your card



endahl said...

Very interesting recycled craft. Thanks for sharing it with me and visiting my website


wanature said...

Very nice, is gonna be my inspiration with my Wooden Kleenex Box

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