Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Paper Lantern Card

Since the lantern tags were a hit, I decided to publish the lantern card as well. Enjoy


Tissue Paper – orange, turquoise, and pink

White card stock

Red thread

Sewing needle

Tooth pick

Turquoise stamp pad

Scotch tape

Double sided tape

Small adhesive foam mounting squares

Pale green seed beads


Red card stock( slightly smaller than 51/2" by 81/2")

1. Refer to lantern tags (posted on blog) to make the lanterns ( only make them about the size
of a penny)
2. Cut card stock to 51/2" by 81/2"- fold in half - this is your card
3. Use a toothpick to make tiny turquoise dots all over front of card (this adds some texture)
4. Cut tiny squares (1/4" by 1/4") in all colors of tissue
5. With needle and thread, string tissue on thread - make two of these
6. To attach these, tape down on inside of card (tape a piece of red card stock inside the card to
cover up the tape)
7. Attach lanterns with foam adhesive - done

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