Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's the Little Things that Make Me Happy

A Daiso Japan Store just opened up near by so I had to check it out. I found all kinds of cute things. Here's some of the loot.

Cupcake holders (each cupcake holder has a cute picture inside it)

Self sealing foil envelopes, top reads
"Here's happy news! Learning develops you intelligence and learning makes you more sensitive"

Cafe Stationary

This was my favorite find, Monkey Mini Mayonnaise Cases! The little bananas underneath there faces are actually spoon handles. The rest of the spoon is inside the case.


kecia said...

i used to live in Okinawa and would find cool stuff like that all the time! i miss all those goodies. wish i had one of those near me!

Michelle said...

What a great Idea to hit up the asian stores for goodies!

ohthecuteness said...

I just came back from my first trip to Daiso... Ho-ly-crap! Thanks so much for telling me about it, I had the bf with me so I'll have to go back tomorrow and spend a bit longer browsing. I've got a post in the works for tomorrow about it. You rock!

Summer Rain said...

wow, great loot, lovely blog jessica.

Hanna said...

Ha, I totally understand that these things make you smile. So darn cute, I don't know if I should be releaved or unhappy that there is no such shops close to where I live! :-) I'd just spend to much!

have a great day

bunbun said...

ugh. so so so jealous! but happy for you, you deserve to have Daiso nearby!

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