Sunday, October 21, 2007

Paper Fall Leaves

This week's project was inspired by one of my blog friend's, Michelle. She's owner of the blog Faerie* Dust * Dreams and is hosting a contest in celebration of her 100th post. So, I thought I'd join in the fun and enter. Above is my entry. I think the leaves would make a great mobile; in my mind, I picture them suspended by red string. But I was running out of time so I didn't get to experiment with that. Perhaps the leaves will adorn a bookshelf. Directions to make the leaves are below.

1. Trace leave images onto newspaper and cut out two leaves for each design ( I just free handed the images but you could trace a leaf).
2. Glue 2/3's of the edge of one leaf
3. Place the matching leaf on it
4. Stuff with a tiny amount of tissue and glue rest of the seam. Done

* These are basically little pillows made of newspaper, glue, and tissue


Geo said...

Great! I think I might try something like this tonight. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Michelle said...

I really like this idea! thanks for playing!

You are the winner of the fall inspired crown! I'll get to working on it this week! I just need your snail mail address,


kecia said...

yay, congrats on winning a crown! You are now officially the fall prom queen - yahooo! your leaves were cool - love the japanese paper. one time i was at a chinese restaurant ordering some food when i saw a pile of newspaper from Japan (or china!) - so i asked if could take some and i am always so glad that i did! every now and again it turns out to be the perfect paper for a project!

good job!

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