Monday, August 11, 2008

Clever Idea for Gift Bags

Above is a picture of a cardboard cover in a gift bag instead of tissue. I recently saw a gift like this and thought it was such a clever idea. At the top of the cover it had a slot to place a card. To me the design had everything, form and function. It covers the gift better, keeps the bag's shape, and prevents the card from getting lost in the tissue. Simple directions below to make a gift bag cover.

cardstock - size depends on the gift bag
exacto knife
glue or double sided tape

Follow diagram to make the cover
Your gift bag cover should looking something like the image above.

To make the rounded slit I placed a cup upside down and traced around it with the exacto knife. Then just slide your card into it.

view looking straight down into the bag


Amanda @ said...

What a fun idea! For some reason that I can't really put my finger on I just never have liked all that wadded up tissue paper sticking out the top of a gift bag. This really works for me :)

Renna said...

Neat! :-)

M.Kate said...

Great!! I do a lot of gift bags :D

Alexis said...

I am a terrible gift-wrapper, so I welcome any idea that makes my gifts look better!

mayaluna said...

Another great idea to file away. I agree with Amanda...tissue paper has never really worked for me...this does!

Diana said...

A great money saver as well. Thanks so much for sharing this idea!

Julia Aston said...

This is a great idea! thanks for sharing the pattern! it makes a gift look a little more clean than ruffled tissue!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That is a great idea!

Ginger said...

Love the clean look of this great tutorial my friend.Awesome gift bag.
hugs ginger

ms firefly said...

i love this idea!!! i am definitely doing this. :)

Mrs. Crafty said...

Love it! I never seem to have tissue paper when I need it, this is a great alternative!

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