Monday, August 4, 2008

Guest Post: The Magic of Music

Today Marie from Make and Takes will be guest posting on my site and I will be sharing a post on her site. Make and Takes is a site dedicated to " Ideas and crafty tidbits for home, family and fun". You'll find all kinds of ideas from craft projects to book reviews on her site. Please check it out.

The Magic of Music

We love listening to music any time of the day. With the TV off and the computer games put away, we turn on the music for something different to do. My kids can dance their little hearts out to some good tunes. Even I get in on the dancing fun, it can be quite a workout!

Here are some of the Children's Music CDs we've been listening to:

Dr. Jean: I used her all the time when I taught Kindergarten. She has fun with children's music. She is able to teach many pre-school concepts in her songs, as well as silly songs too.

Raffi: He has this great inviting and playful voice. He sings lots of old goodies, but also brings in some of his own too. I love "Down on Grandpa's Farm" and "Tingalayo".

Disney's Greatest: This is a great collection of songs from Disney Movies. We are able to sing along to all the songs from our favorite movies. My daughter likes to dress up in her princess dress, dancing to "Someday My Prince Will Come".

: I love to put together songs from itunes and make my own mix for the kids. I have been meaning to do a mix of all the T.V. kids show tunes, like Dora, Blues Clues, Wiggles. All in a little mix CD. (iTunes gift cards are the best gift to give!)

Classical: We even turn on our radio to the Classical Music channel and listen to Beethoven and Mozart. The Flight of the Bubble Bees is a great song to get your heart pumping. Dancing can be great exercise.

What favorite songs have your feet been dancing to?


kawaii crafter said...

For a free alternative we like to play songs from My children like to listen to "The Chicken Dance" by Coleen. Yes, that's the song people play at weddings.

Marie, thanks for the post and getting us up and moving.


jenni said...

My five-year-old can't get enough of They Might Be Giants--we have "No", "ABCs", and "123s", plus the 80s albums.

mayaluna said...

We love to listen to many genres of music...I find that if we don't mix it up often, we get requests for the same song over and over again. Our favorite thing to listen to these days is our family marching band...everyone grabs an instrument and we march and dance around the house. Thanks for some fun new music inspiration!

thrilled by the thought said...

We love music at our house too! We always have something going. My 8 month old gets so excited when I carry her over to the CD player and turn something on. She looks all around for where the music is coming from.

The library is my best friend because I can check out cd's for 3 weeks and sample all different styles.

Marie said...

I also wanted to mention that XM Radio has a great station for kids. In the car, we are always listening to XM Kids and they stay entertained while we drive 45 minutes to Grandma's house!

Amanda @ said...

I so enjoy having music on in the house--it really keeps me sane as we enter hour four of playing trains/school/restaurant/princess mommy dressup on a given day. Thanks for the new ideas :)

mary said...

My boys (3 and 5) love anything by Dan Zanes--and my husband and I do too! He has all sorts of different kinds of themed albums and we love them all!

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