Sunday, September 7, 2008

School Lunch Bento

bento for my son's school lunch

My son started Kindergarten this year. And with that came the time old question, what to pack for lunch? So I decided early on that I would make bento lunch boxes for him. All summer I've been gathering up kawaii(cute) bento accessories, supplies, and recipes. The picture above is the first bento I made for his school lunch. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up for the school year.

What do you make for lunches?

*Below are some bento supplies I use

small food picks

food cutters made for vegetables, fruits, bread, etc.

tiny spoons and forks

plastic food dividers - just like the plastic grass that comes with sushi


M.Kate said...

Beautiful...I'd love to make bento for my son, he's 7...but he's too determined to eat junk food @ school.

Paty said...

Lovely! I dont have children yet, but for sure, I will try to do as you ... super nice! did he like it? I hope so!

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Those are cute forks.

elizabethjayne said...

I just recently found out the joys of bento - great start so far!

Just wanted to let you know I gave and your blog an award. If you're interested please stop by mine for details!

Happy crafting :D

Larissa said...

No kids yet. But I predict that I'll be one of those moms that puts little notes in her child's lunchbox.

diana said...

love, love, love the idea. my second grader would rather pack a lunch than buy from school. i would love to surprise her with a bento box. where would i find the supplies? thanks so much.

karen - from me to you said...

for me it's the first year I have to pack a lunch for my 1st grader.

I found this site >

if one day you need ideas ;o)

i love your "tools", very cute.

xoBeau said...

What a wonderful idea! so much healthier too!

Renna said...

If my kids were small again, I'd do this with their lunches. It makes the food look more appealing.

Jessica, for more inspiration and ideas of what to pack, if you haven't already, check out Amber's (from Berlin's Whimsy) flicker page of her bento lunches. She has a multitude of pictures of ones she's packed, with notes on each picture telling what each food is. Here's the link:

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

those are some pretty cute forks. Did you get those online somewhere?

My son started kindergarten too and I'm a bit ashamed at what I put in his lunch... a small bag of chips and chocolate chip cookies (homemade). Of course he gets a whole wheat sandwich with sugarless raspberry jam and a bottle of water. But he is the pickiest eater alive... I sent carrots in with a dip and he brought them home with him saying he did not want those again. How do you get your son to eat good stuff? Mine will not even try things. I'm thinking it's a stage.

ms firefly said...

i don't have a child yet, but i think my husband will appreciate them as much. i just can't find that here in ireland. i love the food dividers!

mayaluna said...

Lovely little lunch! I think we have a similar diet (thinking back to the agave in your banana sorbet)...but I need to work on my presentation. I love all the little accessories!

kawaii crafter said...

Hi Diana,

I purchased most of the bento supplies from Daiso. There's a handful of them in the US. I also get the supplies at the San Francisco Japan Town. Hope this helps.

kawaii crafter said...


thanks for sharing the bento link, gives me a lot of ideas

pika mama said...

Hello, I peek into your blog through another friends blog and saw your bento boxes! I have also done the same thing and have the fork/spoon set that I love!! My daughter just eats up whatever I put into the cute container and gets lots ooohs and awws from her preschool mates.

Elaine said...

I love your website! I found this link which is in Chinese but with pictures showing how to creatively prepare bento lunch boxes for your reference:

Keep inspired :)

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