Sunday, August 9, 2009

Che Thai Recipe

I was first introduced to the Vietnamese dessert Che Thai by my Sister in Law's family. The dessert is like a tropical fruit cocktail, slightly sweet. It's refreshing and perfect to make for hot weather. It's quick and simple to make. It is also a good dessert to make for a crowd as it yields about 15 servings. Really the only hard part is finding the ingredients.

The Nguyen Family graciously shared the recipe with me and supplied me with the ingredients to make it. They were also kind in giving me permission to share the recipe with all of you. Enjoy!

Che Thai Recipe

Canned Palm Seed - Rinsed and Drained
Canned Green Ai-Yu Jelly - Cut into bite sizes pieces
Canned Jackfruit - Drained and cut into bite size pieces
Canned Logans plus syrup - Cut Logans in half
Coconut Cream
2 Cups of Ice

Mix all ingredients together into a punch bowl except ice. Refrigerate until ready to serve. When ready to serve add ice, mix. Scoop into bowls or cups and serve with spoons.

*Canned Palm Seeds can be substituted with Lychee's.

I took pictures of all the ingredients so you could see what they look like (makes it easier for shopping). You can click on each can to get a close up of the product. These are also the brands the family prefers.


Paint Worcester MA said...

mmm looks good!

<3 Lindsay

mushroommeadows said...

It is good; my family makes it with half and half instead of the coconut cream. :D

Ayie said...

that's a good dessert, almsot similar to what we do in the Philippines =)

Unknown said...


Are you talking about halo halo? I've tried that before and I really liked it. I also like ube ice cream, masarap!

Okispice said...

Jessica, I want to thank you for the wonderful inspiration you provide on a continuing basis. Please check my blog and pick up your reward.

Mimiko said...

In Vietnam, besides the ingredient you listed out, they usually add dorian and some kind of dried food in it (dried mushroom or seaweed).It's really a wonderful dessert for hot weather.

Unknown said...


Thanks for sharing about the ingredients that can be added. After posting this I've been learning there are lots of different variations of this dessert. All unique, all wonderful.

Pang said...

yum! my favorite dessert! it reminds me of my childhood in Thailand. the only difference is that we added long tapioca (or something like that) to it. i think my mama and i will have to make some when i visit her!

1835-B said...

Thanks for the recipe--it's good! I finally got to try this today, it was especially hot so I decided to make this. I've tried another version of this before at my friend's graduation, only it had pink gelatin and mung beans in it. One question: did you use just one can of coconut cream in this recipe? That's what I did, tasted very good but I thought, maybe not enough liquid?

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