Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Craft Scraps in The Kitchen

If you like to craft, chances are you've got die-cuts, ribbon, buttons, and yarn scraps stored away. I like to use all these little craft leftovers for food packaging and presentation. Here's just a few ideas of what I like to do with them.

1. Wrap single serving baked goods in waxed paper. Cut out a strip from a brown paper bag with some decorative scissors. Next add a ribbon. Last use a die cut as a label for the package. You could substitute the ribbon with yarn or embroidery floss. Lots of possibilities with this one.

2. When I go to any kind of potluck I like to label what I brought. I think it's helpful to guests and most people are more likely to try your dish if it's labeled. I also will do this for parties on occasion. Once again, I used a die cut and taped it to the back of a toothpick. Nothing fancy, but it looks nice and it's practical. If you don't have die cuts, you can use any kind of paper.

3. Sometimes my husband will bring cookies and such to share with co-workers. Instead of throwing the food in a giant plastic bag or tupperware container, I place it in cookie tins or clear plastic take-out shells. I actually save plastic take-out shells just for this purpose. I always place a doily on the bottom and tape a label to the top of the lid. Besides die-cuts, I also like to use these gift tags for the labels.


Shan Van said...

I love the way you wrapped the scone with a touch of lace!

Dizzy Broad said...

What a great idea!! Can you please also share your cranberry scone recipe? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing with plastic takeout containers, but I hadn't thought of adding a doily or label to spruce them up. Such a great idea!

kawaii crafter said...

Dizzy Broad,

Here's the direct link to cranberry scone recipe.



kawaii crafter said...


Thank you. If you decide to give it a try I recommend searching for doilies at the dollar store. It's about 1/3 of the price compared to party & craft stores.

Rima said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Great idea! Especially the touch of lace.

clare's craftroom said...

They look great , are there any scones left ? Take care .

ismoyo said...

I think the scones look even more delish with those pretty (and clever) name labels!
You are making me hungry here!

Ayie said...

so neat and so nice! looks so delish =) yumyum

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