Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paper Craft: Accordion Calendar

If you still haven't found a calendar for the new year, you might want to check out this accordion calendar from Paper Foldables. When you get to the site, scroll down and you'll see a picture of the accordion on the bottom right. The calendar is free to print. You just have to assemble it yourself. The one in the picture above, I made for my son's room. It was actually pretty easy to put together, just took a little time.

Paper craft tips: One tool I recommend is a bone folder to score all your folds. Another option is using a rolling paper cutter with a scoring blade in replace of the cutting blade. Check to see if you a scoring blade is made for your model. Scoring the folds will make all your folds crisp and prevent any unwanted folds.

Fold up your model and make sure you know exactly how it goes together before gluing. Once you glue, it's hard to take apart. Basic white glue will work but I recommend using an extra strength glue stick.

The center of the accordion calendar.


Sophie said...

Thanks for the info..I'm going there now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This is so cute!!! Go to check it now!!

Fancy Pants said...

Thanks for sharing the info. I love all the crafts you share here. Thanks for stopping by for a visit :)

Ayie said...

great, I am looking for a calendar...we didn't get to receive one for home this year so i need to get...

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Ginger said...

That Accordion calendar is adorable.
Very clever!
I have award for you
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Trisha said...

The accordion calendar is so clever! Love it.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this. My son plays accordion. We HAVE to make this for his room. Thanks again for the awesome finds!

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