Friday, December 24, 2010

A Merry Thriftmas

1959 Holt-Howard Santa Pitcher - Christmas gift to myself

Here's one last idea if you're still on the search for a few more gifts, think vintage. The great thing about antique and thrift stores is you're not going to run into the crazy Christmas crowd. You can shop leisurely and find some great gifts. Is there someone you know who likes to have tea parties? An antique tea cup would be a perfect gift. Also, think about nostalgia, is there something from their childhood they loved? And who doesn't like jewelry? You can find some beautiful rhinestone pieces or some unique cuff links at these stores. It's all about getting creative.

Here's a cute Noritake sugar and creamer set I got at the thrift store. I'll be giving it to a friend this Christmas. She loves to host tea parties.

Will you be giving a cookie plate to friends or neighbors? Pick up unique plates at the thrift store for anywhere between $.25 to $3.00. It looks much better than a paper plate, it's green and they won't have to give you the dish back!

Merry Thriftmas everyone!


Elsa said...

I love vintage too!
My birthday is the 27th and I bought myself a lovely garden set at a local thrift shop. It's really cold here so I'll have to wait till the spring to use it, but really like it.
Love the Santa pitcher! what a great find!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Oh I love your Santa Pitcher.That was a great find. Yes I so enjoy vintage and especially the hunt for vintage treasures.
Merry Christmas To you all.

carla said...

About 15 years ago I did something really different with my Christmas shopping - almost everything came from the antique mall. There were no crowds and it was very pleasant. It may have cost a little more than at a thrift store, but I did hunt for bargains and had a lot of fun.

Our son shopped at thrift stores for some of his gifts and I appreciate that. He's great to go thrifting with and my plans are to do more of that this year, because if we can save enough money, my husband can retire next fall. That's a huge incentive.

That Santa pitcher is great!

Caca said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

tamdoll said...

Love the thrift-store plate idea, too - was telling my sister the idea just yesterday! Summer yard sales are a good time to pick up nice dishes, also. (Some of my favorite serving pieces have been thrifty finds!) I love bringing someone cookies on a nice dish with a sticker on the bottom for them to keep the plate, too.

Happy New Year!

Nikki said...

You had some great finds! If you don't mind what thrift stores did you get your treasures from??

Teacup said...

Chocolate crinkle cookies! You're the only other family I've seen serve these. Yay.

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