Sunday, April 24, 2011

Craft: Beaded Lace Bracelet

I stumbled across some stunning beaded bracelets when I was browsing the "for the collector" section of Anthropologie. Unlike most of the pieces, this was something that I could actually recreate which inspired me to make my own version of the bracelets.

This bracelet was easy to make but did require some time (a few hours). If you're looking for a quicker project, try making a set of earrings using this technique instead.

Lace - I purchased mine at the thrift store
Beads - any kind you like
Thread that matches lace
Hand sewing needle
Jump Ring

Here's the lace I started off with. Cut it to a length that would fit around your wrist plus an extra half inch for the hem.

On both sides make a hand sewn roll hem. Sew securely with thread so edges do not fray.

Hand sew beads on the lace in any pattern you wish. I recommend doubling the thread so it doesn't break. Using a basic running stitch, insert needle in the backside of bracelet and bring to top, add a bead, insert needle into the top of the bracelet and bring to backside, repeat.

On one end sew on a clasp. On the opposite end sew on a jump ring. Done.


*~kAy~* said...

This looks so beautiful <3

Michelle L. said...

'Tis gorgeous - I love your beaded pattern, and the simple lace base is so smart & pretty!

lisbonlioness said...

I'm in love, it's gorgeous!

Deanna said...

LOVE this!!! Gonna make one for me and better make an extra for 7.5 yr old who oohhhs and ahhhs over every piece of jewelry I have. ;) She would love this with pink bead hearts or rainbows. :)

Lizette said...

These are Emma Cassi's ( designs and are lovely. I follow her blog and her work is beautiful and inspirational. Check it out.

Zakka Life said...


Thanks for sharing the link :)

carla said...

Lovely - and you made it look simple to do!

Novi On The Go said...

This is very pretty, a sweet summer bracelet. It presents many possibilities perhaps a black lace with bold and bright beads. I just came from Emma's site, I agree her work is beautiful, her blog is so inspirational.

Craft Medley said...

This is a very sweet bracelet, very nice!

xoxo Maria

Anna M. said...

Very pretty.

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