Thursday, April 28, 2011

Itty Bitty Bunny Necklace

Recognize that bunny? I made it from Anna Hrachovec's pattern on Mochimochi Land. Once I saw the pattern, I knew I had to make a few. I decided it would look cute on a necklace. What I didn't know is how difficult it would be for me to knit the thing.

I'm not sure if it was from lack of sleep or not knitting in a while but making this little bunny was a big challenge. I got out my double pointed needles and proceeded to cast on but something wasn't quite right. I kept looking at the needles and for the life of me could not figure out what was going wrong. I knew how to knit with double pointed needles, I had done it before. I finally had to consult a video I posted a while back on "how to knit on double pointed needles" to figure out what was going on. Ready to hear what it was? I only had THREE needles. Somehow it slipped my mind that I needed a fourth. Perhaps it's time to invest in some Ginkgo Biloba.

I love the idea of threading a whole bunch of these bunnies together to make it look like a pearl necklace only with bunnies.


IctoRude said...

This is super cute :)
If I knew how to knit I swear these guys would multiply by the hundreds :)

purplegirl said...

Really cute!
I know this is a stupid question to ask here but how did you get your logo on the top of your blog and next to the address bar? I have a blog too but mine isn't craft so i'm not trying to pinch readers.

Cindy said...

It is just adorable, and if I took the ginko maybe I would remeber where I put my needles.LOL

greetingarts said...

Oh, that made me giggle. Sometimes it's the silliest things that hang us up in crafting, isn't it? The necklace is great and your little one is getting way too big. Cutie pie!

Michelle L. said...

Hi, Jessica - I'm sorry if you got yourself confusticated and twisted up in yarn, but THIS BUNNY IS SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT, so I think it's a success!

Laurinda said...

I made 4 of these: 3 I gave away, the 4th the kitties found.
I love your idea of stringing a bunch of them like a pearl necklace!!

anana said...

Hi, I just wantet to thank you for inspiration. I just made 96 tissue flowers for my daughterd birthday as you showed in one of your previois posts.
I also linked your blog for others to get inspired :)

Zakka Life said...


It's not a stupid question at all. When the logo is in the address bar it's called a favicon. Here's the address to the site I used to make mine:

purplegirl said...

Thankyou, I have a logo, can I move it over to favicon?

Zakka Life said...

Yes, you just need to re-size the logo to the dimensions of the favicon. You should be able to find that information at this site:

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