Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Tie Friday

I did something a little unconventional for Black Friday this year and attended a Black Tie Wedding. It was held at Casa Real at the Ruby Hill Winery, the perfect setting for a wedding. We enjoyed the night with good food, wine, conversation and some dancing.

This is the dress I wore to last night's wedding. This picture is actually from a wedding we attended at the Old Mint in San Francisco on new years eve. We basically looked the same, just maybe a little older now.

Normally I like to spend Black Friday decorating the house for Christmas. For whatever reason, I've never got into going shopping on that day. How about you? Do you like to go shopping for the deals? Anyone go shopping at midnight or stand in line for a day? Please share your stories in the comments.


Jennifer B said...

No Shopping for me. We headed up to the slopes for "White Friday" - La Nina weather means lots of snow in the mountains and early opening of the ski slopes.

There were still lots of lines - lift lines. But the wait was worth it for the fresh air and snow!

Zakka Life said...

Jennifer B,

Sounds like a great way to spend Black Friday/White Friday. Where do you ski?

Jennifer said...

On Black Friday I avoid all retail locales like the plague... I relaxed at home, made some new necklaces to add to my shop (tomorrow, hopefully), and then headed out to a delicious meal at my dad's significant other's house with her son, daughter-in-law, amazing eight-year-old granddaughter, and a lovely friend of the family. We relaxed, stuffed ourselves silly, and had a wonderful evening.

This morning I woke up early (my internal clock is set to my weekday schedule), so I figured I'd head over to three stores that I wanted to check out at my local mall. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the mall was pretty empty; it only started to get busy as I was leaving. Hit the bookstore, craft store, and library on the way home; now I'm set until I have to head to work again on Monday!

Piggy said...

These days, I prefer shopping online in the comfort of my home. I went out to a local mall over the weekend and it was just FULL of people. There was actually a queue (human jam) just to get across from 1 mall to the next! Singapore is tiny that's why... :(

Love your B/W photos!


~amy~ said...

great pics! We did do the midnite run...power shopped for 1 hour and then went home to go back to sleep:) I didn't even buy any presents!

Joy said...

No shopping here! Just a lot of relaxing with the family!

PS. Your pics are fabulous!

Zakka Life said...


I think you're being kind. Those photo booth pictures didn't come out the best. I didn't know when it was taking a picture (no count down). I think in the last one I'm talking. It was still a lot of fun. I took some good pics with my cousins but they have the pictures. I'm sure they'll pop up on FB though.

Deanna said...

Love your gown!

No shopping for me. I am almost done with shopping for gifts before Thanksgiving. We had really nice weather here and played outside all day. :)

Zakka Life said...


You're so good! I try to get as much shopping as I can done before December too. But I've got a long list so I still have a few more gifts to go. My husband's side started drawing names so that helps a lot too.

Leah said...

I never shop on Black Friday either - can't stand fighting for parking and all that! A wedding sounds like a great alternative. I didn't leave the house this year, except to take some garbage out to the trashcan :)

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