Monday, November 21, 2011

For The Kids Table

Photo Credit: Fiskars

Lately I've been seeing a lot of great kid ideas for Thanksgiving. If you need some last minute inspiration, here are a few of my favorites. The directions for making the table setting above can be found on the Fiskars site.

One Charming Party shows you how to make this adorable faux pumpkin pie filled with small toys. Too clever!

Printable Paper Crafts is offering up this Thanksgiving printable set to download for free. Stop by their site to see what else it includes.

Find the how-to for these finger puppets on the Martha Stewart site.

Have any crafty ideas up your sleeves for Thanksgiving? Please share.


Deanna said...

Love the fake pie! All great ideas! Unfortunately, we go to mil for Thanksgiving and they don't do decorating or make a big fuss so we don't do the cutsie stuff. But one day I'll have grandchildren and do everything my I'm saving all these wonderful ideas. :)

Zakka Life said...


Could you make something for the kids and bring it over to your MIL's house? I don't know the dynamics of your family but it could be a new tradition. It seems a shame to have to wait until you're a grandparent!

We go over to my in laws too so I usually don't make anything like this for the kids. But I was thinking of making the pies for the kids this year.

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Pam said...

My 6 year old & I had a fun time making some turkeys from the Fiskars site. How cool to have another way to use the snowman punch! Thank you for sharing :)

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