Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Costume Reveal

Can you guess what I am now? No? It's okay, you're not the only one. My goal was to dress up in the Japanese Sweet Lolita fashion. Unfortunately, I think it fell a little flat. So, when someone asked what I was, I just said I was dressed like a doll (much easier to explain). Below is a picture of what I was going for.

Photo credit: New People

I think if I had more time and was able to get that hair volume, that would of helped. Also, my accessories were lacking. I had planned on getting some shoes from the thrift store and painting them pink but I couldn't find any round toed shoes in my size.

I should point out, I found a fabulous tutorial for how to style my hair on Violet Lebeaux.

Here's a better close up of the dress. I found the dress at the thrift store for three dollars. I had to alter it a little, after all it was a child size 8! I opened up the side seams and added pink satin panels. I also had to open up the seam on the sleeves. To make it look more finished I hand sewed lace to the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. As for the pink skirt, I found that at The Children's Place.

Now, I'm deciding whether to give this another go next year. I've got a whole year to think about it.

Last time I ask this, anyone dress up? If you posted about it, share a link in the comments and I'll stop by.


Lisa U said...

Cute!!! true, goth loli is pretty hard to explain. You've inspired me to try a j-style costume next year. Thrift store find should make it easier, right? I should post a pic of this year's costume. I was wonder woman.

zakkalife said...

Lisa U,

I was trying to go for the Sweet loli style more than the goth loli. I should have clarified that better.

I don't know if shopping at the thrift store makes it easier but it definitely makes it cheaper! I think the average price for those lolita dresses are around $100 and up. If you start causally looking for something now, I'm sure you'll find the perfect outfit by the time next Halloween rolls around.

Yes, please post a picture of your costume on your blog. I noticed you haven't updated since 2010!

Pallot said...

I love that dress though...would wear that for daily stuff.

Jessica said...

Yep, I was WAY off. LOL! I have never heard of that fashion, but it is very cute. My daughter would be all over that in a heartbeat.

No pics of me in my jammies... and not a creative costume. But I did find that my slippers have way better traction in snow than my shoes. :)

adrienne said...

A petticoat changing fullness of the skirt might make a big difference. A very full pettiskirt hides the hips and makes everyone look more like a kid (even 70 year old square dancers).

Alice said...

As a lolita myself, I think your attempt is a good start--but if you were really going to make your own outfit without buying anything, you probably needed more time. :) Your bow and jewel-bedecked fingernails were very cute and definitely one of the best parts of your costume!

If you wanted to try this again for another year, I'd recommend against altering a child's dress. There usually just isn't enough fabric to fit an adult well--let along accommodate a petticoat for more "poof!", and it simply isn't long enough. You might instead be able to alter a woman's knee-length skirt--or, if you're handy enough, make your own knee-length rectangle skirt with a gathered waistband, which you could then embellish. You could wear it with a modified women's blouse (changing a normal collar to look more like a Peter Pan collar and perhaps adding some lace) and maybe an embellished cardigan.

I've also seen some very successful modifications of sundresses.

Here's a tutorial for a basic skirt: http://miscy.livejournal.com/7686.html
And another for a hair bow: http://egl.livejournal.com/11093253.html

They might provide some guidance or inspiration! I was very surprised and pleased to see a mention of the fashion on your blog. It wasn't something I expected~ ♥

Rosana Garcia Hess said...

cute dress. loved it
hugs from Brazil

Violet LeBeaux said...

Aww too cute! I love that you did the awesomely deco'd nails too!

Thank you so much for linking my tutorial too :D I didn't get to do anything for Halloween this year, it's not very big here in Aus but my partner grew up in America so he really misses it! The best I managed to do this year was buy him a lot of candy >_<

Kristin said...

I think you look adorable!

liz said...

the outfit is quite cute! definitely needs a petticoat or a poufier [sp?] crinoline. with a little more time you could add extra fabric panels to the dress and make it fuller.

i dressed up as a butterfly [very loosely interpreted black swallowtail], not a bat.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!! I would totlly wear that even if it wasnt halloween, i relly love ur dress girl!

x x x

Yumeko said...

i did!
i threw together a gothic lolita of sorts type of costume cos i found out last min i was going XD

u can see part of the dress i made here

Michelle L. said...

Hee hee, I knew it was something Kawaii! So, so cute - and wow, you worked some magic on that teeny dress!

I went as a lazy person who borrowed a pumpkin-bedazzled plastic boa from her mom and called it a costume. (I meant to be Mrs. Dracula. next year!)

Caca said...

you looked so young and sweet.

ane pixestos said...

Kawaii indeed! Kudos to you - and I love how you incorporated a Children's Place item (that store sometimes has the cutest things!).

zakkalife said...


Thank you for all your input :) I really appreciate it. I'm definitely going to check out the tutorials you shared.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

You look absolutely adorable, I had no idea when I saw the post about your nails. Darling. I think it is so neat that you are able to wear a skirt from the Children's Place! The thrifted dress has sort of a prairie revival feel to it - so sweet.

Joy said...

Cute! I think you did a pretty good job!

Confession: I'm always to lazy to dress up and I wait until the last second to get the boys their costumes... Oh, well, there's always next year :)

babalisme said...

YOU ARE SOOOOO CUTE!! kawaaa~iii!

yes the dresses is quite pricey and to know that you can't wear them everyday (if you don't live in Japan, that is) but I love yours!

Unknown said...

How great is it that you dressed up? One Halloween I will also let the child inside me dress-up again. But it didn't happen this year alas...

Your costume is so sweet, Jessica. Thrift stores are definitely the place to find them!

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