Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Does this look familiar?

Last weekend I decorated the house for Christmas. Every year I let the kids decorate the tree first with their ornaments. The end result is always something like the picture above. All the ornaments end up in a giant clump and there are always a couple ornaments pulling down the tree branches. Sometimes the ornaments even touch the floor because they were hung to far out on the branches. It's pretty comical. Later on, I go back in and add some ornaments and spread them out a little.

Besides decorating, we're already in Christmas party mode. We have our first party to attend this weekend. Can you believe it? I tried to find another cute vintage dress to wear but had no luck. So I had to go with plan B, the mall. After going blind from all the sequins and glitter in the stores, I finally settled on this dress (found it at a department store for $50). Oh, how I love a deal!

Do any of you have your holiday decorations up yet? Are you in full swing of the holidays?


Deanna said...

I think we are finally past those clumped up ornaments stage. My two oldest take the top of the tree, 3rd takes middle-ish and youngest sticks to the bottom. I also think my children have inherited a bit of my OCD tendencies and spread them out quite well. ;)

I am full steam in prep for my holiday girls night party this afternoon. Elbow deep in homemade marshmallows, cupcakes, spinach dip and sausage balls. :)

Zakka Life said...


The girls night out party sounds fun and menu sounds tasty. What marshmallow recipe do you use? I tried making one of Martha's marshmallow recipes once and they came out just okay.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Ha! Great illustration and so true!

Michele Pacey said...

We haven't done any decorating yet but hopefully tomorrow is the day... we'll see! The dress looks lovely and no, it's going to be a very quiet Christmas here.
A few family get-togethers after Christmas maybe. There are no set plans yet... Have a great party!

Deanna said...

They have 2 recipes on their site that differs slightly. I use the one with the snowflake shaped marshmallows and I follow it to the tee and they always turn out yummy. I always dip mine in choc bark (I need a crunch).

Jennifer said...

Wow--that dress is gorgeous! And what a deal you got!

mrs. c said...

Wow! love that dress, hope you had some killer shoes to wear. We will put up our tree next weekend, my daughter's birthday is December 6th and we never decorate till after it. We are going to the woods tomorrow and cut a live tree for my classroom, then we are going to decorate it with popcorn, paper chains and other "old-time" ornaments. What fun!

Zakka Life said...

Mrs. C,

Didn't wear any killer shoes, just a pair of patent leather peep-toe stilettos. Not to exciting but they worked.

I don't think I ever had a tree in any of my school classes. What a treat for your kids!

Zakka Life said...


Thanks, I'll check out the snowflake marshmallow recipe. I believe the one I made had crushed candy canes in it.

Donna@Collage Ideas said...

My girl is 4 and she asks me to hold her up so she can spread the ornaments better. Of course, they are still clumped, but, for some reason, on the top of the tree.

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