Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cute Cookies & Packaging

One of my favorite things to do when I'm at the Mitsuwa market is check out the cookie/candy aisle. Its true I have a sweet tooth but I'm even more interested in the packaging. It seems with every visit I stumble across something new. This time I found these adorable Moomin shaped cookies. For those not familiar with the Moomins, they are characters from a series of books and comic strips written by Tove Jansson.

This box also caught my eye for the cookie pictured on the box. I liked how the cookie looked three-dimensional. I know cookies are already three-dimensional but this looked different. Usually a cookie is decorated with a print or frosting, not more cookie. So I had to see what they really looked like and bought a box.

To my delight, they were even cuter in person. I fear I may never be able to go back to my basic animal crackers after seeing these.


pilgrim said...

so cute!!! when i was in tokyo i found some moomin bath salts for my son: they were peppermint scented and turned the bath LUMINOUS green!

JustHeather said...

I love Moomins, but I've never seen those packaged cookies. I don't think we have them here in Finland.

Michelle L. said...

OMG, omgeee, the Moomin cookies!!! Thanks for the blast of nostalgia!

Deanna said...

Adorable cookies! Did they taste as good? :)

Zakka Life said...


The texture is different than regular animal crackers but they tasted just as good.

Zakka Life said...


Just hope it didn't turn your son green ;)

Alexander said...

These are cute. I'm sure the kids will like them :D

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