Thursday, February 16, 2012

Letterpress Love

Isn't this just the cutest sriracha card you've ever seen? You know, because there are soooo many sriracha cards out there. I gave it to my husband for Valentine's Day. I wanted to share the card with you earlier but since my husband reads this blog, I had to wait until after V-Day. I purchased the card from Printerette Press on Etsy.

I also picked out this cute "feel better" card. Something about it reminded me of the retro Fisher Price toy doctor kits. I don't have anyone in mind to give it the card to. I just like to keep a few different cards on hand for all occasions. Although, today I kind of felt like giving myself this card, suffering from a migraine. But I'm feeling better as I type this so all is well.

Do you have a favorite brand for letterpress cards? Please share in the comments.


ide-puffen said...

Found you on Twitter. Love your blog :)

Alvina said...

Love the sriracha one!! :D

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