Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vinyl Fabric Butterfly Hair Clips

Photo Credit: MaMan

Lately I've been seeing more crafts made with vinyl fabric . Anyone else noticing this trend? Usually when I think of the fabric, lunch bags and tablecloths come to mind. But, I'm loving all the unexpected projects popping up online. One craft that stood out were these cute butterfly hair clips by MaMan. You can find a detailed tutorial on her site to make your own.

You can translate the site to English with Google Translate.

via Sweet Tidings


gale said...

Too cute-thanks for sharing. I recognize it as Japanese but will have to have my mom translate for me (or use google, which would probably be quicker. lol)

Kush Weed said...

I was just browsing through the web looking for some info and came across your blog. I am impressed by the stuff that you have on this blogsite. Thanks!

Caca said...

귀여운 (cute)

Butterfly Checks said...

Gorgeous clips of butterflies!

Michelle said...

They're so cute!

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