Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girl's Day Party

Last week I mentioned I would be hosting a small party for Girl's Day. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures from the get together.

I tried to keep it simple and not go overboard with the decorations and food. The only thing I purchased for the decorations was this paper lantern from Daiso for $1.50. I painted it with water colors and added some steamers to hang from the bottom of it. We also had some dolls out that we display every year for the holiday.

For snacks I served monju which is mochi wrapped around red bean paste (top photo). The bottom picture is hina arare which is made only for the holiday (tastes like sweet cereal). I also served senbei (rice crackers), oranges and green tea. The girls were good about trying everything. They liked the hina arare and oranges the most.

Remember when I stood in the hot sun for a couple rolls of stickers (aka my second worst idea ever)? Well, it finally paid off. The Japan themed stickers were perfect for the party favors. I also gave out Japanese erasers and a pair of chopsticks that are heart shaped on top.

For the favor bags, I used some leftover bags I had used for a bridal shower. To make them a little more festive, I used mizuhiki cord to close the bags.

I also had the girls make a paper kimono. I forgot to take pictures of it (sorry). Not all parties go according to plan but this one ended up just about perfect. All the girls were well behaved, they enjoyed the food, had fun making the craft. I know this may sound weird, but it brought me such joy to see all of them having a good time. I know I'm fortunate in that I have the time and resources to throw parties like this.

This party cost no more than $20 to put on. I only share this because it's a good reminder that one can put together a special day without spending a lot. I tried to use items I had in my house before I went out and purchased anything.

Okay, I promise this is the last Girl's Day post of the year. Craft coming soon , if all goes well.


Michelle L. said...

I waaaaant some of those pink chopsticks! And the bean cakes are my favorite Japanese treat, I love your pretty 3-color display.

Cior said...

Hey Jessica -- just a quick note of thanks for your latest Hinamatsuri series. I especially love how practical and sane your ideas are. It seems like every design/home/craft blog I read these days is focused on presenting a perfect and often unattainable image. Your eye for beautiful simplicity and practicality is refreshing! Give my best to Jason (I'm an old RF coworker) and keep up the good work.

Suzanne said...

I loved this series! I read a book to my kids this year by Rosemary Wells (Yoko's Show and Tell) that was about the hinomatsuri dolls. It was so sweet. Now I need to find a book like that to celebrate boy's day. I've had a request from my 6 year old for kites. :-)

PS. I really want to visit a Daiso. I have a feeling it's like an Ikea experience. Just not the same online, right?

Deanna said...

I love it! Sounds perfect. And you are SO right, just a little time can make an inexpensive party very special. Loving the favors too! :)

Caca said...

I like how you set up the table for the party. I wish I could see some pictures of little girls enjoying the party.

justJENN said...

'second worst idea ever'
I love hina arare. Happy Girl's Day!

Riality Studios said...

I have a weakness for anything with azuki paste in it!

Zakka Life said...


I didn't share any pictures of the girls because I would have to get the parents permission to post them. I kind of feel weird about asking them if I can post a picture of their daughter on my blog.

Daly said...

I have to congratulate you for not doing too much with the decorations and all the stuff. I'm not sure I'll able to resist!

Joy said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like such a wonderful time! Inexpensive and successful - you go, Jessica!

juliecache = Julia + geocaching said...

Loyal and long-time reader here. Did I ever mention that I gave my dolls to Heather? I think they are still available.

juliecache = Julia + geocaching said...

forgot to show them to you --

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