Sunday, March 18, 2012

Handsewn Felt Food & Tea Bags

It rained all last week which kept me inside most of the time. I was crafting away but couldn't take pictures to share with all of you due to the weather. On the upside, I was able to get some projects finished. A while back I started working on a birthday gift, a tea party in a box. I made the tea bags but kept putting off making the cookies. As you can see, I finished sewing the cookies and was able to cross another UFO (unfinished object) off my list. That always feels good.

The patterns to make the cookies above came from the book My Favorite Felt Sweets. It's one of my favorite felt craft books. What makes it unique is that it also has patterns for traditional Japanese sweets.

I made the tea bags from the pattern on the Tori Jayne blog.

I packaged up the tea bags in a cellophane bag with some pretty purple card stock.

And to seal the bags, I used deco tape with smiling tea cups and cakes. I tried to get a close-up of the print for all of you to see. If you click on the image, you should get a larger view.

Anyone make anything over the weekend? Please share. If you posted about it, feel free to leave a link in the comments.


Stacie.Make.Do said...

That food and tea is so neat! I just love looking at the things you write about.

I finished knitting a pair of mittens this weekend while watching too many episodes of MI-5 on Netflix...

Michelle said...

This is adorable! I actually was very productive this past weekend, which was great because I had a to do list that was over twenty items long. Yesterday, I finally finished sewing myself a very long, black tiered velvet dress, which was very time consuming but it came out great.

Deanna said...

Too cute! I must make some felt tea bags! I made some tiny stuffed friends for the kids. It started with a homemade bday gift for a friend and all the kids of course insisted they needed one. I'm totally a push over when it comes to handmade toys. So we happily made 2 tiny bears, 1 tiny dog and a tiny lizard. lol

Joy said...

Cute, cute, cute! Hmmm... this past weekend, we just spent the day hanging out and drawing (the best kind of weekend for me :))

Alexander said...

Nice colours and very cute. Good use of felt.

Alex's World! -

Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness! said...

These are super cute! If I make them I'm totally putting a couple jasmine leaves in them so they'll smell like my favorite jasmine green tea!

Novi On The Go said...

I've always liked the felt cookies but the felt tea bag is something new, thank you for sharing! The rain kept me indoors too, I made a soft toy dog from a thrifted sweater and finished 2 pairs of earrings, links below:

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