Thursday, April 19, 2012

Upcycle Craft: Miniature Toy Cloche Dome

These miniature food cloches are so easy to make that I can barely call them a craft. But, there was a little glue involved so a craft it is.

You will need one toy capsule shaped like the one pictured above. This toy capsule is pretty standard so it should be easy to find. And if your house is anything like ours, you probably have a couple lying around. But if you don't, just stop by a place that has these toy machines. Chances are a few of these capsules will be lying around. At our ice cream parlor they have a little trash can by the machines and it's filled with these capsules. And yes, I just take them out of the trash; I have no shame.

Once you have your capsule, glue a bead to the top of it with a strong adhesive. I recommend E6000. You could also punch a hole through the top and add a brad for the handle.

Find yourself some toy food and place it on the lid. Cover it with your dome and you're done.

When I make something for my children, I'm not always sure if they will like it. For this project I can confidently say it gets their stamp of approval. I overheard my daughter say, "These are awesome!" followed by, "Dinner is Served" in a British accent.


LimeRiot said...

What an adorable idea! I have an obsession with saving cute little containers and packaging like these :). I never know what to do with them - I just know they can't go in the garbage!

Thanks for the inspiration.

Amy said...

That is absolutely inspired! We have enough of those plastic toy containers to start a mini food shop! Thanks for the great idea.

Belle said...

Love! My daughter is always making clay things and the plates are really hard to make so this is great! Thanks!

Zakka Life said...

Lime Riot,

You just reminded me, these would also be cute packaging for food jewelry.


Love the idea of a mini food shop!


I think these would be perfect for you daughter to show off her clay food.

Michelle L. said...

Love the idea - and the fabulous tip for scoring the empties!

Zakka Life said...

Michelle L.,

I bet you could make some unique jewelry pieces out of them. Might make a good guess the Mystery thing.

Christy said...

This is such an adorable idea for little doll houses. Too cute!

~amy~ said...


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Party favor idea!

Ann said...

These are so cute! Not sure we have the same capsules here in the UK but I'll be on the look out! And I'm not ashamed of poking around in rubbish bins either - I clean rooms in a small hotel where folks go to celebrate a special occasion - I've picked up lots of thrown away ribbons and lovely packaging there.

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