Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kid Craft: Mini Surfboards

Here's a fun kid craft for the summer months ahead, mini surfboards. These surfboards can float on water making them perfect for the bath or pool.  Plus, they are made out of items you probably already have at home.  Here's the how-to.

Styrofoam meat or vegetable tray packaging - make sure to wash well if it was used for meat
Scrapbook Rub-on Transfers

Draw surfboard shapes on back of styrofoam.  Drawing on the back will disguise any mistakes. 

Cut surfboards out with standard scissors.  I was able to get three surfboards from one tray.

Position transfers on your surfboard and rub on.  If you don't have rub-ons transfers, try using crayons.  I don't recommend using marker since it can bleed into the water.

We made our surfboards 5 inches long by one and a half inches wide.  You can make them any size you want, there's no wrong or right way.

We tested out the surfboards in the water and they were able to hold two Lego minifigures on one board.  The rub-ons stay on well too.  I wasn't sure if they would be waterproof but so far so good.


Deanna said...

Love these! This will be a perfect craft project for a kids camp I'm helping with. Wondering if I can get these trays at Sams in the restaurant aisle....

Zakka Life said...


The tray pictured above came from the Japanese Market. It even came with a little yellow plastic flower to decorate the meat.

I'm sure white styrofoam would look nice too.

Michele Pacey said...

that's such a sweet little kid craft Jessica! nice way to put the foam trays to use as well. :)

Deanna said...

I was wondering how you got them faux bois.... :) Maybe I can figure out how to get the grain look with colored pencils or something.

ARTiMAGINE said...


what an awesome idea!!!!

Totally cute....

Caca said...

you are so creatively using styrofoam for craft project.

LessonPlans-CraftGossip said...

This is a great project!! Just posted on Craft Gossip..happy summer!

Lucy said...

You said you got them from Japanese Market. Is that the name of the Market or just in general? I have never seen them with the faux. GREAT idea. Very creative!

Zakka Life said...


The name of the Japanese market is Mitsuwa.

Lucy said...

Thank you so much. Well no Matsuwa stores over here in Maryland. The only ones I have been able to find in the styrofoam are white or black. Thanks again for your prompt response. Have a great day

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