Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Child Twin Chefs

Have you heard of the twin chefs Lilly and Audrey Andrews?  I only recently learned about them after my mother gave us this signed copy of Sonoma Magazine. Lilly and Audrey are ten year old twins who love to cook.  Their goal is to become the youngest children to attend cullinary school.  They've made appearances on Good Morning America and Ellen.  I found their story inspiring and charming.  The article is a good read but if you can't get a copy of the magazine, you can find out more about the twins on their website, Twin Chefs

As a mother of two, reading the article made me reflect on how I encourage my children to cook in the kitchen.  My children aren't preparing foie gras appetizers but they like to make pancakes (with supervision).  I've found they also appreciate a meal more when they have a hand in making it.

Do you let your children cook with you?  On their own?  What are their favorite things to make?

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