Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Printable: Moomin Memo Card Holder

For all you Moomin fans, Afternoon Tea has a free Memo Card Holder to download and print.  You can choose which characters to add to your stand.  There's also an assortment of memo cards to print.  To save printer ink, only print out pages 2 - 4.  Visit Afternoon Tea for the free Moomin printable.  They also have a cute Moomin card and envelope to download for fee as well.

 Extra Memo Cards and Moomin Characters

via Sweet Tidings


Mecca said...

Thank you! I do so love the Moomins, and finding anything in the States related to them is very tricky.

Hermanye said...

Thank you ! It's very cute ! I think I'm going to print this and put it on my desk. Have a good day !

JustHeather said...

Thanks for spreading the Moomin joy! I have loved Moomins ever since I first came to Finland.

Jocelan Thiessen said...

Love moomin! Love these cards!

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