Monday, September 3, 2012

Kid Craft: Star Necklaces

Over the weekend I was organizing my craft supplies when I came across a bag of wood stars.  Ironically, the stars were given to me from someone who was cleaning out their craft supplies.  Instead of passing them on, I decided to make something with the stars, washi tape star necklaces.  Coincidentally, I was also able to put to use some of the rayon crochet string I was given as well.  Love when that happens.


Wood Stars Discs - Can be found at the craft store

Gold Paint - I used Elmer's paint markers

Jewelry bails - Can be found at the craft store

Washi Tape (a.k.a. Japanese Masking Tape)

Rayon Crochet Thread - Could be substituted for any string or jewelry chain

E6000 Glue - Can be substituted for an extra strength glue

1.  Start with a wood star.

2.  Paint the entire star gold, let dry.

3.  Add washi tape.  You could also coat the tape with a glaze if you wanted.  I tried it both ways and preferred it without the glaze.  I liked the matte finish better.

4.  Glue bail to back of star.  You'll notice I glued the bail upside down.  I did this so the bail would not show in the front.  You can position the bail to your preference.  You might prefer to glue it so it shows in the front.

Add a string of your choice and you're all set.  Since I was working with string, I didn't bother to add a clasp.  I just tied a basic knot at the top and made sure the necklace was long enough to slip over my head.

*Craft Tip - If you're using old string that has kinks in it, you can iron them out.  Same goes for ribbon.  Just make sure you have your iron on the right setting. Synthetics can melt easily. 


Caca said...

this is so simple and yet cute

LimeRiot said...

Awww, such a sweet project. Smart move not passing these cute stars along :).

Unknown said...


Well, I tucked a few of the stars away. I'm thinking I might use some in a giveaway along with the rayon crochet string. I haven't had a giveaway in awhile and thought it might be a nice change. BTW, saw the giveaway you're having on your site. I stopped by and left a comment.

Michelle L. said...

Cute use of the Washi! I didn't know you could iron string - thanks for the tip!

Suzanne said...

Those stars became a perfect canvas for tape and paint. i can see them with some sequins or glitter too. :-)

Joy said...

Super cute!

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