Thursday, October 11, 2012

Glow In The Dark Lucky Stars

Look what I found at Kinokuniya,  glow-in-the-dark lucky star paper!  Have you heard of such a thing?  I've seen a lot of glow-in-the-dark products but never paper or lucky star paper for that matter.    Well, for $2.50 I had to test it out.

Like a child with a new toy I closed myself into the closet to see the paper glow but nothing happened.  So I figured they just needed to charge up with some light.  After a few good hours of sunlight, I tested the paper out again.  Still nothing happened.  I was starting to think I got a dud but I refused to give up.  Finally, I decided to take the paper out of the package.  And low and behold that's all I needed to do.

*This paper is shorter than most lucky star paper.  It's only about six inches long.  It's barely enough to fold the stars.

And here they are, all in their glorious glow-in-the dark state.  

These little stars might come in handy for Halloween as part of a costume or decorations.  One could dress up in all black and glue these on to make star constellations.  Or you could make them into  bracelets for children when they go trick-or-treating.  Curious, what would you use them for?

If you've never seen lucky stars before, check out this tutorial on how to make them.


Michelle L. said...

Those ere the coolest! I had never heard of glow paper either. Love ll your ideas - esp. the constellation costume - seriously brilliant! Perfect for a science geek.

Joy said...

Those are sooooo cool!

mysli said...

Oh my god, I need those! Give me shiny Glowpaper!
I love making Lucky stars, but you can't find paper for it in Germany <.<
And hey - after Halloween one could put them on strings and hang them over their (childrens) beds, maybe even in correct constellations..

LimeRiot said...

What a neat find!! I think they would look pretty in a jar - kind of like fireflies :).

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