Sunday, November 18, 2012

Easy Thanksgiving Kid's Table Setting

This may come as a surprise but sometimes I rather just buy a decoration instead of make it. After all the shopping, cleaning and cooking I just want to purchase the final touches for a party.  I've learned I can't make it all.  If you're feeling the same way about Thanksgiving, here's an easy idea for a kid's table setting. 

Often you can buy kid custom placemats but I've found oversized coloring books work just as well.  The main thing is that the paper is a heavy weight and larger in size.  The coloring page above came from a picture frame pad by Melissa & Doug.  I picked up the 40 page pad at Marshalls for $4.  Usually you can find these kinds of coloring pads at discount stores.  I also saw some that were kind of like "Where's Waldo" that one could color as well.

Page from Doodles at Dinner by Deborah Zemke 

The picture above is from a coloring book meant to be used as a place mat.  This paper is actually a little smaller than the picture frame paper but the weight is about the same.  I'm sharing this so you can see there isn't much difference in buying a paper pad designated for place settings vs. a drawing pad.

To finish off the place setting, take a couple colored pencils or crayons and secure them with ribbon.  Then just tuck in a name tag. The colored pencils don't have to be fancy either.  I used these twig pencils because that's what we had laying around the house.  Good old fashioned crayons will work fine.

*Other idea - line the table with craft paper for drawing. This is always a crowd-pleaser. It's not everyday that one gets to draw directly on the table.


Michelle L. said...

I love it! Am totally doing this on Thursday to entertain/calm my rambunctious little nephews. Thanks for the brilliant idea - off to the dollar store for coloring books!

LimeRiot said...

Kid's setting?! I'd love to have this on my grown-up table. What a fun way to keep the kiddos entertained. Thank you for sharing!

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Heidi Szczepanski said...

So cute. I love the pencils tied in a ribbon. Great ideas.

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Yarny Days said...

what a cool idea! Love the pencil idea..

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