Friday, November 9, 2012

November Calendar & More

Does anyone else feel like the months are just flying by?  I meant to share this calendar with you a week ago but just lost track of time.  But since we have three weeks left, I figure it's still worth a post.  Free People is offering this lovely November calendar to download for free.  They also have some pretty desktop wallpaper up for grabs as well. You can get all the free downloads on their flickr page.  

Other crafty news going on this week:

Pinterest is now offering private boards!  Just scroll down to the bottom of your board's page to find them.

Spoonflower is printing custom wrapping paper for a limited time.  There are so many crafty possibilities with this. 


LimeRiot said...

This week?? It feels like this whole year has flown by!!

That calendar is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

AND thank you for letting me know about the private pinterest boards. FINALLY!!

Suzanne said...

Those are indeed pretty!

Heidi Szczepanski said...

Time does go by ever so fast. For me fifty is approaching quickly. I love the calendar, very pretty. Thank you for sharing.


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