Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Printables by Tiny Me

Tiny Me has a new set of Christmas printables and it looks like they thought of everything.  There are gift tags, cupcake toppers, cards, garlands and more.  All you need is some spare ink. For the free download visit Tiny Me.

They also have printable Christmas crackers which I have my eye on.  I've always wanted to make these for Christmas but can never find the time.  Have you made Holiday crackers before?  What do you like to put inside them? 


~amy~ said...

sooooo cute!!!

Anne said...

I make Christmas crackers every year -- except I never seem to have them ready until New Year's Day!! Anyway, I always put some candy and a joke, sometimes some coins, and usually a tiny toy in ours -- the animals and figures from those ZooToobs are great for this. Authentic crackers always include a paper hat, I believe, so I'd like to figure out a way to do that. Maybe you could write a tutorial for paper hats that fold up to fit inside Christmas crackers? :D

Sophie said...

wonderful ! thanks a lot for your share ;)

Anonymous said...

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