Monday, March 11, 2013

Craft: Felt Macaron Hairclips

Don't you just love macarons?  They're sweet, pretty and oh so delicate.   I probably could eat a whole plate of them if I had the chance.  Today I'm whipping up a pretty batch with zero calories.  Use them for pins or hairclips.

Felt - white and purple
Embroidery thread - purple
Sewing needle

Click on image twice, right click on image, copy, paste and print.  Cut out each piece on the lines.  Pin to fabric and cut out all pieces in purple felt except the white filling template. 

1.  Place back tab on the back piece.  Sew where you see the dotted lines.  This will be the tab for you to slip a hairclip on.  Once done, flip piece over.

2.  Place the white filling on the top of the back piece.  Next place the top piece over the white filling.  Last place the bottom piece on the white filling.  You may have to do a little trimming to get your pieces to match up.

3.  Pull out two strings from one strand of embroidery thread.  Sew around the edges of the macaron (refer to picture).  Make sure to hide all knots underneath the top layer.

4.  Using one whole embroidery thread strand, sew the rest of the macaron (refer to picture above) onto the white filling only.

The left side of the picture is what the back of your macaron will look like when finished.  All you need to do is slide a hair clip onto it. 


Michelle L. said...

Those are tres, tres chic!

LimeRiot said...

Yes!! I do love macarons! These are adorable and it helps that macarons come in so many great colors now :).

Caca said...

super cute

Unknown said...

I dare say, I've never tried macarons... I will have to rectify this situation. Yours do look delicious. :)

Hermanye said...

They're so cute ! Thank you for the tutorial !

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