Monday, April 22, 2013

Green Craft: Upcycled Bows

Happy Earth day everyone!  In honor of the holiday, I thought I would republish one of my green crafts from the archives.  Enjoy.

Food packaging lined with foil - For this craft the package should be constructed with two sheets sealed on all four sides.
Double stick tape - I used tape that's pre-cut for scrapbooking.

*Click on pictures to get a larger view.

Starting with a food package, cut strips horizontally. Next, turn all the strips inside out.

The strips naturally coiled into a figure 8 shape. The left "8" I taped the center together to make two loops. The right "8" has not been taped, it's just to show you how the strips naturally form. Next, take one loop and push it down in the center to make a bow shape and tape (refer to right picture).

Now push down the other loop just like you did in the last step and tape. Make three of these and one basic loop (refer to right picture).

Take two of the bows you made and tape them together in an "x" shape. Next tape another bow vertically down the center of the bows.

Last, tape your basic loop in the center.

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