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Monday, May 6, 2013

Origami Tea Packet Favors

Looking for party favor ideas?  This simple origami tea packet folds up quick and is inexpensive to make.   And if you're not into tea, you could place a candy or photo inside them instead. What's also nice about this project is you can change the style and feel of the favor depending on what paper you use.

Even though this project is quick and easy to make, I do recommend some knowledge or origami before getting started.

Origami Paper 6 x 6 - I purchased the flower print paper at Daiso.
Tea Packets -  no more than 3" in height.  I did have to bend back part of the package to make the tea bags fit.  I used Good Earth teabags for this project.

Click on above image for a larger view.

Starting with the blank side up, fold paper for directions 1 - 7.  For step 8 I've created some photos to make it a little easier to see how I got to step 9.

Grab paper at the center crease and fold towards center.

 Continue to fold each side towards the center.  The paper should naturally form into its shape from the previous folds you made.

Your finished piece should look something like the picture above.  Now all you have to do is tuck a tea packet under the four corners and it will stay in place with no glue.
On the back, add a printed sticker label with the details of your event.  


Lisa U said...

I saw that origami paper at Daiso and it's perfect for that favor! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

These are super cute. Party favors or even just to include in a "gift basket without making them look too plain :)

Leah said...

Love this - I would use it to pretty up small gifts, or stick a biz card on the back if you have a creative business.

Unknown said...

I like that. A simple and elegant way to dress up a tea packet!

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