Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kracie DIY Mini Cake Kit

Do you remember the easy bake oven? Kracie kits are kind of like that only you don't have to wait an hour for your food to cook under a light bulb.  Instead all you need is a microwave and a little water.  It's basically a little cake kit that any child could make with a little supervision. I discovered the kit at the Japanese market and decided to test it out.  Below I'm going to share how my daughter and I made the cake.  The directions were written in Japanese but I had my Grandmother translate them for me. 

This is what the box looks like.  Kracie has a variety of different kits you can get from mini doughnuts to candy hamburgers.  I purchased my kit at Mitsuwa in San Jose, CA for $4.99.  You can also purchase them at Amazon, here
1.  Large Cake Mix
2.  Vanilla Frosting
3.  Cooking Tray - The tray is cut into three pieces: strawberry jelly mold, circle cake molds, and triangle    measuring cup.
4.  Small Cake Mix
5.  Strawberry jelly mix
6.  Frosting piping bag
7.  Strawberry frosting
8.  Candy for decorating
9.  Mixing spoon

1.  The large cake mix (yellow) is placed in the large circle. Using the triangle measuring cup, use three scoops of water.

2.  Add the small cake mix (orange) to the small circle.  Using the triangle measuring cup, use two scoops of water.

3.  Pound tray to get out any air bubbles.  Microwave for sixty seconds.  Let cool for two minutes.  Carefully take out cakes.

Here's what the cakes look like after they're cooked in the microwave. I think we forgot to get out the air bubbles, oops.

4.  When the cakes are cooling make the strawberry jellies.  Mix the red packet with one triangle of water.  Pour mix into strawberry mold.  Let set up at room temperature.  By the time we finished frosting the cake, they had set up.

5.  Mix vanilla frosting packet (blue) with two triangle scoops of water.  Frost large cake first.  Stack small cake on top of large cake and frost that cake as well.

6.  Mix strawberry frosting packet (pink) with one triangle scoop of water.  Place strawberry frosting in piping bag.  Cut the corner of the bag and decorate the cake.

7. Last decorate the cake with the strawberry jellies and the candy.

So you're probably wondering what the cake tasted like? It pretty much tastes like a box mix cake.  The frosting tasted more like pudding to me.  As for the those little candy balls, the brown ones tasted like coffee and the yellow ones tasted like banana.

The cake took us about a half hour to make, granted I was taking pictures too.  I let my daughter do most of the work.  I could see this used for a special play date or a tea party.  I'm actually planning an American Girl Doll themed birthday party and think this might make a cute birthday cake for the dolls.

Curious, have any of you tried these Kracie sets?  How about an Easy-Bake oven?  Show of hands, who had one as a child?  I had one but I only go to use it about three times (not by choice).


Michelle L. said...

Easy Bake Oven owner here! It was my pride n joy. The results were always lopsided and ugly, though. YOur little cakie is the sweetest thing, too pretty to eat. "One triangle of water" - love that!

jessica okui said...

They may have been lopsided, but I'm sure you enjoyed eating them :)

Tina - omme i London said...

I found your blog by chance and fell hed over heels in love with it in an instance. :)

betta said...

I show this entry to my ten-year-old son and now we are both delighted! I wish I knew where to find this in Barcelona... do you think I could find it online?

betta said...

Jessica, I must tell you that finally I received my Kracie boxes from Hong Kong! I mixed my first one (doghnuts) and expect to write a post about it soon! Thank you again for your help!

Lisa U said...

I made the donut version! The hardest part was removing the tiny donuts from the mold. They came out cute but not as pretty as your cake. They tasted kinda like donuts, but the texture was chewy. lol

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