Monday, January 13, 2014

Printable: Origami Calendar

With every new year brings the overabundance of printable calendars.  One that stood out for me this year was a modular origami calendar designed by Ilona Taschner (model originally designed by Michael Naughton).  The calendar is comprised of six squares and is surprisingly easy to put together.  I also liked that little ink was needed to print out the templates.  There are two sizes for the calendar and I made the "big" size (about the size of a baseball). You can find the template plus directions to make the calendar at  Once at the site, scroll down for the template link.


sweettidings said...

LOvely and functional. :)

Rin@SewinLove said...

What a great find! I was looking for a desk calendar, but this is SO much better.

Rin@SewinLove said...
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Jeanine H said...

Gorgeous and Creative

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