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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chinese Lantern Gift Tags

I love all the festive lanterns I see in the summer time (mainly in the magazines), and wanted to recreate the look. Unfortunately I have no good or practical place to hang these lanterns in or outside my house. So I opted for the next best thing, a miniature version as a craft. These gift tags are bound to make any present a little more lively.

Lantern Gift Tag Directions


Yellow card stock 2” by 2 3/8”
Pink tissue paper (the kind you use for gifts) 2 ¾” by 1 ½”
Pale Green seed beads
Red thread
Double sided tape
Corner rounder punch
1/16 inch circle punch

1. Cut all four corners of yellow card stock with corner rounder punch
2. Punch hole at top center of yellow card stock
3. Tape tassel centered at the bottom of the card stock (refer to image)
4. Mount tissue lantern just above the two beads of the tassel with double sided tape
5. Thread red thread though hole on top of card stock, string two bead on afterwards, done

Lantern Instructions

  1. Accordion fold pink tissue about 1/8 inch ( the smaller the better)
  2. While still folded clip off each end at a diagonal
  3. Unfold

Tassel Instructions

  1. Cut thread to about 2 ½ feet
  2. Wind thread around two fingers
  3. Take a second piece of thread and pass it through the loop you just made and tie 2 – 3 knots. It should look like a tiny lasso
  4. Pinch circle at top and tie piece of thread perpendicular around it , enforce with two more knots
  5. Cut opposite side of circle to form tassel
  6. Thread two seed beads on top

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