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Monday, August 13, 2007

Knit Octopus Bath Mitt

Meet Oliver the Octopus. He's a bath mitt I made out of 100% cotton yarn. This would be a great gift for a baby shower. He knits up quick.

Octopus Bath Mitt Pattern


Size 8 knitting needles

4 PLY Worsted Weight 100% cotton in cream and blue

Large sewing needle

With cream yarn cast on 44 stitches

Knit 36 rows of stockinette stitch

Row 37 (K2Tog, K4) repeat to end

Row 38 Purl

Row 39 (K2Tog, K4)

Row 40 Purl

Row 41 (K2Tog, K3)

Row 42 Purl

Row 43 (K2Tog, K2)

Row 44 Purl

Row 45 K2Tog across row

Row 46 Purl

Row 47 K2Tog across row

Bind off with Purl stitch

Leave a long tail to sew up body

Directions for tentacles

Cast on 70 stitches with cream yarn

Row1 Knit

Row2 K2Tog across row

Bind off with Knit stitch.

Leave a long tail to sew onto body

Make six tentacles

Sew up body at seam just like making a hat
Sew tentacles inside of the bottom of the body
With blue yarn stitch eyes and smile (refer to picture) done


Chase Clark said...

Awww, your craft projects are so cute, I'm going to have to make some of those lantern gift tags! And I loooove those rice bag totes!

^_^ Chase.

Hilde C. said...

What a great idea! :-)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

This is adorable. Your rice bag tote is very clever also.

zakkalife said...

thank you for your comments, I always enjoy feedback

Mel said...

Oh, pout! I read about this project on Ravelry and thought it would make a great gift, but the pattern is no longer available. It's very cute!

Amy said...

i love this project! i finished mine up last night and posted it on my blog. thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

If I knew how to knit I would totally make this. Now I have even more reasons to learn the nitting craft.

Sophie.J said...

This is so adorable..but I don't know how to see the pattern..I'll try ask someone to teach me..^^

Bashirs Momma said...

This is very very cute. I am going to make one. But doesn't an octopus, by definition, have eight tentacles? Was it a matter of having enough yarn? Was the result of a bizarre and tragic fishing accident? :)

Tyne & Wear Plumbing said...

I must get some more yarn when I next go out as I would love to give this a go. I also want to say how I love your Christmas tutorials too, I’m sure to give a few creations a go for this Christmas.

Katy Bug said...

This is totally adorable and I love it. I'm working on sewing up my second one. Do you have any tips for sewing the tentacles on? Or tips on sewing the face?

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