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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Schultute (school cone) Craft Project

This is a smaller version of a schultute (school cone). The schultute is roughly the size of a megaphone. German children receive them from their parents on the first day of school (first grade only). It's thought to help ease the child into their first real day of school. They are filled with school supplies, toys, and treats. Often they are decorated with the children's interests, sports, cartoons, etc. Wouldn't this be great in replace of a gift bag.


template click here
card stock (any color of choice)
decorative paper (I used wrapping paper)
embellishments - your choice (ribbon, beads, stickers, etc.)
crepe paper
white glue

1. Print template, trace on card stock, cut out.

Glue card stock to back of decorative paper, let dry. Cut out around card stock.

Fold where dotted lines are on template to make cone. Glue on side tab to close. I used tape inside the cone to reinforce the bond.

Glue crepe paper along the inside edge of the cone. Let dry.

Now you can add your embellishments. I glued gold ribbon to the top edges of the cone. I also added some gold glitter paint to accent the labels on the cone.

Last add your gift inside ( nothing to heavy). Gather up the top of the crepe paper. Tie some ribbon around it. Done


Andre'a said...

Oh I just had to write you a note to say thank you for reminding me of this craft. School starts on Thursday for my 2 and I would love to make on with them.


Anonymous said...

for visiting.
Good luck !

Foxy Minivan Mama said...

Thank you so much for this! I had a kindergarten party and made 12 of these for the kids starting their first day of school. It was fun to introduce a new tradition and my daughter enjoyed preparing them for her friends. I couldn't have done it without your instructions. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...


i´m living in germany and it´s very nice to see how a very old german tradition goes all the long way to the zakka community.
actually no german first-grader starts it´s first day in school without a, usually homemade, schultute.

my mother used to put old newspapers in it for this special day, so it wasn´t too heave to carry.
the sweets, crayons, and other goodies were waiting at home.

thank you karin

Lancelot said...

Beautiful description of how to make these. We've been making round cones, but the square ones are also very cool. My wife (German) just started a company that brings this tradition to America. Check out www.kindercone.com. She made one for our oldest daughter when she entered first grade and was inspired by the curious excitement from all the other kids. We also sell blank cones that can be decorated by hand and smaller "sibling" cones so that no one feels left out.

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