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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Japanese Crest Coaster

Here is just one of many beautiful Japanese Crests out there. Because most crests are round in nature, I thought it would make a lovely drink coaster. Below are the directions to make this coaster.

crest template
two black felt circles(3 1/2 inch diameter)
maroon felt for the crest
black and maroon embroidery floss
sewing needle

1. Pin the template on the felt and cut out the crest.
2. Top stitch the crest to one of the black circles (refer to picture).
3. Place the second circle on the back of the black circle(this will hide all the stitching) and top
stitch the two black circles together. Stitch all around the edge of the black circle (refer to picture). Done

* I tried a blanket stitch for step 3, but I found it took away from the design.

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