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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kokeshi Doll Birthday Invitation

For those who don't know, I always like to have a theme for my children's birthday parties. This year for my daughter's birthday, the theme is Kokeshi Dolls. Above is one of the invitations I made for the party. All the information for the party is on the back of the doll. I thought it would be fun to have them stand up, as well. It serves as a nice reminder for the party, kind of like a "save the date". I had created a file for the illustration and tabs for everyone to print out. Unfortunately it's not registering on mydatabus so there is no template to download. So instead, if you want to use the image, right click, copy, save, you know the drill.

1 comment:

Aloutka said...

Very beautiful invitation, and great idea - in few months my girl will have 2 and maybe I will make kokeshi doll invitation - or any other doll :)

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