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Monday, November 5, 2007

Christmas Craft

Well since Halloween has passed, I thought I would post some Christmas Crafts for those of you who want to get a head start. Above is an origami star I like to make. The one above I glued to a wrapped gift. They also make great Christmas ornaments. One year I covered my entire tree with them in varying sizes. It turned out great (sorry no pictures). The great thing about this origami star is it looks the same in the front/back. I like to use Hallmark gold or silver foil wrapping paper to make the stars for two reasons. One the paper is a good weight, and two there's a grid on the back of the paper. Here's the directions to get started. I cut out 3" squares to make the star above.

click on pictures for a larger view

To make the star into an ornament just punch a tiny hole at the top of the star. I like to string them with fishing line. They look like they're floating around the tree.

Check back in the week for some other things you can create with these stars!


Simone said...

These stars are beautiful! I can't wait to make some!

macati said...

thanks for this tutorial!
I'll make some for sure!

★kawaii-inochi★ said...

ohh thanks ^^ really cute ><

Melanie said...

These look beautiful. I think I'll make some for a tree garland.

Have you ever made the stars with the long, skinny strips? We made thousands of those for my aunt's wedding ten years ago, and I still remember how.

Stephanie said...

love you blog! thanks for sharing your crafty goodness. I admit it, I'm wanting to get out the holiday music and start crafting too! I hope you see this message as it is a whole year since your original post. All of your Christmas crafts are so cute! I started at your candy cane cozy and worked my way back. :) cheers!

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