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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dum Dum Valentines

Kimono Valentine

"Umbrella Valentine"

My son got to choose his Valentine Candy this year. And out of all the choices on the shelf he chose the dum-dum pops. So above are some Valentine ideas to make with them. They're very quick and easy for kids or adults to make. Directions Below.

Kimono Valentine Directions
Cut a piece of origami paper to 6" by 3". Fold in half. When folded, cut out two rectangles on each side to form the shape of the body (refer to picture). Punch a hole on the center of the fold. Put the lollipop inside the hole. With Double stick tape, tape inside closed at the bottom of the kimono. Tie ribbon around the waist. Done! *Optional, write a message in the inside of the kimono.

Umbrella Valentine Directions
Using a doily with a 3" diameter, make a cut to the center. Fold over to make a cone shape and glue together. Bend the bottom of the dum-dum to look like the hook of an umbrella. Glue the top of the dum-dum to the inside of the cone. Done! *Optional, write a message on the inside or outside of the doily.

* Click on the pictures to get a larger view of them.


Lil Knitter said...

Those are the cutest Valentine's ever! What original ideas...I just love a hand made Valentine...they're so much more special. Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

Thank you for your comment in my blog. You are a truly talented. You have a blog filled with inspiration!!!

Poetic Zakka said...

I like them too. Kids must be so happy holding them.

Dorien Ruben said...

Maybe this is a dumb question to ask but; what is Valentine Candy? Is that some sort of tradition?

zakkalife said...

Hi do,

It's not a stupid question at all. In the US, kids give out Valentine Cards to their class mates and often include candy with the cards. Most of the candy companies will make candy especially for the occasion, like red and pink M&M's only, or the packaging will have hearts one it.

So I guess it is a tradition.

Anonymous said...

This is very pretty and sweet!
Nice work!

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

Dorien Ruben said...

Thank you for the answer. Now I get it.. ;) That's so different from how we celebrate valentines day. We only focus on the 'one special person' you love, not friends. That's a nice tradition. :)

Hearts and Crafts said...

Those are so fun!!! I love them! Especially the kimono one!

mushroommeadows said...

What marvelous ideas!

I made Valentine Cards with the rain theme also! There's just something about rain and love. :)

ShellyH said...

those are way too cute!!!!

Lucy said...

Oh my goodness, those are darling! Marevelous things as usual!

Amber M. said...

That kimono is to DIE for! Filing it away for next year...

Anonymous said...

LOVE the umbrella! Thank you for sharing!

Kyoko said...

We love your blog . We also do zakka desings ! Hope you like our blog . Best wishess

Dayna said...

Thank you so much for this clever idea. I made these for my daughters birthday party goodie bags:

On Valentines this year we also made your clear candy heart doily hearts.


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