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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to Make a Birthday T-Shirt

Back of T-shirt

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm in the process of planning a Transformer birthday party for my son. So, I decided to make him a special shirt to wear for the day. What I like about this project is you can personalize it anyway you want. My friend Jenny made one for her son to resemble a rugby shirt(which is where I got the idea by the way). It had the child's name on it with his age. Simple directions below to make your own birthday t-shirts using iron-on printer paper.

iron-on t-shirt transfer printer paper (I used the Office Max brand, it cost about $14.00 for a pack of 10 sheets)
*they have special paper for darker shirts

t-shirt (purchased mine at Walmart for $3.00)

Decide what images you want on your t-shirt. I created the text using Photoshop. Reverse the image then print on the transfer paper (refer to picture above). I recommend fitting as many images as you can on one piece of paper to get the most use out of it.

Next cut out the images and decide where you want them. Iron it on the t-shirt according to the transfer paper's directions.

I put an image on the front and the back of the t-shirt. If you're going to do this, make sure you put a thick padding in the middle of the shirt when you go to iron. Otherwise the heat will distort the image on the front of the shirt.


Julia Aston said...

What a great idea - thanks for sharing the deets on how to do this!

I've given you an award on my blog - check it out!

Threeundertwo said...

Great idea. He could have friends and relatives sign it with fabric pens on his special day.

Unknown said...

Great idea as usual!! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Liz said...

What a cool idea...

Ginger said...

Wonderful ideas you have.I just love the tutorials you give all of us.How he like the T shirt? So very happy about your awards, Great work and at time am sure hard work so enjoy ,
we love this blog!!!!
Thank you so all you do for all of us.

Anthonette said...

I just discovered your blog today because this t-shirt appeared in my Google Desktop. My son's party is in 2 weeks and I have the Transformer font and symbols. I made his invitations. I just need a t-shirt & I can get started. Thanks for the idea! My son is going to love it.

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