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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guest Post at An Eclectic Blog

You know how I'm always going on about E6000 glue, because I use it all the time. Well apparently someone over at Eclectic Products noticed this and asked if I could do a guest post/craft on the blog. So today you can find me over at An Eclectic Blog and learn more about the picture above. Hope to see you there.


ms firefly said...

that's really cool, i just went over the eclectic blog and read your post. :)

i love to pick up random stones on our hiking trips, and this is a good project to hold my recipe card while cooking! :)

Unknown said...

Hello J ;D
cant believe it was that simple..you're so good, how do get all these ideas? This rock thing-y is original and classy as well, wow..imagine my guests looking at this, it will gain lots of attention..hmm..good idea, distract them from my poor cooking hahahaa..btw, the mochi flopped but the salmon with wasabi rocked!! better luck next time :D happy weekend

mayaluna said...

I love how simple and beautiful this is and I didn't know about this great glue. Your projects always make me go "a-haa!" btw I went out and made my first craft purchase in months..a gift tag punch! thanks for the many ways you enter my life with your lovely ideas!

Renna said...

It's no wonder you've been 'discovered' with all your creative ideas. I have truly never known anyone with as many creative, crafty ideas as you!

Christina Joy said...

Ahhh yes...the wonders of E6000. I don't know how I lived without that stuff before!

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