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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Japanese Summer Festival

balloon yo-yos floating in water

Every year the East Bay Japanese Language School holds a fair at our church (Japanese Christian Church). I always find myself inspired by the games, decorations, and food. Hope it will inspire you too!

Ikayaki - Grilled Squid
I consider myself fortunate I was able to get a picture of this. My husband and children were grumbling that they had to wait 30 seconds before eating.

Fish shaped cones filled with popcorn. Cute idea for a party?

Does it look like a fish now?

Water bottle wind chimes.

Wouldn't this make a fun kid's craft? There's a small bell hanging in the inside of the water bottle. Hanging below is an origami fish with two ribbons. I was told that this year they tried to incorporate recycled items as much as possible for the prizes and the games.

close up of the water bottle wind chime

The children from the school performed a short dance dressed as sumo wrestlers. I thought their outfits might make fun Halloween Costumes. The Sumo outfit was basically a one piece jumper with an inner tube inside it. A strip of black fabric was used for the mawashi (belt) which also held the inner tube in place .


Anonymous said...

That looks like it would be so much fun,oh and Ican just imagine the food! yum! and the little origami fish wind chime , wow the possibilities! :) hehe sorry for all the "ands" ;)

Unknown said...

Very interesting!! I love that squid ...mmmm...must be super tasty :D

nobu said...

Ikayaki is popular at festival in Japan.
That Furin(Japanese wind chaim) is nice.
Please take a look my today's article about summer festival.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Love the little wind chimes- I may have to tuck that idea away for later.

Amber M. said...

What a fabulous day! The fish is too cute and I couldn't stop giggling at the psuedo-sumos:-).

Christina Joy said...

those Sumo costumes are adorable! What fun! I love ethnic festivals.

Thanks for dropping the comment, and good luck on the contest! :)

Anonymous said...

That festival sounds so great. I studied Japanese for two years in high school and my family always hosted Japanese foreign exchange students, so I'm very interested in the culture.

Evie said...

Wait.. East Bay Japanese Language School? In El Cerrito?? I went there for about 5 years, from the time I was 13!!! Ah, the memories.

Rachael Hutchings said...

How fun! I love how they even had the balloon yo-yo's...can't have a matsuri without them! The ikayaki has me drooling...

Ginger said...

So much fun wish i'd had been there to join in.Loved the fish chimes and cool hangers,be a nice gift to go with new clothes or baby shower.
hugs ginger

ms firefly said...

i love the wind chimes! and the squid of course. :)

Renna said...

The crafty ideas were great, and the event looks like alot of fun!

Anonymous said...

The squid wasn't on a stick? I so want to prove the whole squid on a stick at Japanese festivals to my hubby and nephew - they don't really believe me.


zakkalife said...


here's a link to squid on a fish, I think it's just the picture you're looking for


MKJCH said...

Thanks for the pic of the wind chime. It may have been a recycled one that is inferior to many other wind chimes, but it helped me get a good visual of what to do. I have to make a wind chime for my Clay Art Class, which I despise >.>, by April 9. I am intrigued by Japanese culture; therefore, i decided to make a Japanese wind chime. This website has helped me a little and i thank you for your help. Also, that picture of the girl with the wind chime is so cute.^^

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