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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Paper Craft

I found these cute paper toy patterns at Macula via Paper Kraft. The kid's and I made these today for a rainy day project. Well actually, I made them and the kids watched. It's a relatively easy project but just a little time consuming. I think it took me about an hour to two hours to make. It's kind of hard to gauge because I was doing other things in between making the toys. I would guess if you had a quiet house with no interruptions, you could make them in an hour.

There's a whole set of Thanksgiving themed toy patterns at Macula. All the patterns appear to be free to download. There's also other patterns to choose from. Click here for patterns.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving


lizzy-loo said...

these are so cute. i visited the site and they have a lot to offer. thanks as always for sharing. have a great thanksgiving

Unknown said...

sooo cute :D

nobu said...

Those are funny and pretty.
I like those big eyes!!

bunbun said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
My husband loves the Paper Kraft site. I want him to bust out his exacto and fill up the printer with fresh ink and get to work on these for next year!

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