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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knitting Pattern: American Girl Doll Hat

A few posts back I had shared about some accessories I knit up for my little sister's American Girl Doll (click here for post). Well they just received the hat and the good news is, it fits! I'm told it's a little loose but will not fall off the doll if you turn it upside down. The length of the hat is perfect; it's not covering the eyes.

Directions below. Sorry, there's no gauge for this pattern.


US size 6 knitting needles
100% Acrylic 4 ply yarn

American Girl Doll Hat Knitting Pattern

Cast on 60 stitches

Row1: K2 P1 to the end of row

Row2: K1 P2 to the end of row

Row3: K2 P1 to the end of row

Row4: K1 P2 to the end of row

Row5: K across

Row6: P across

*repeat rows 5 and 6 until piece measures 3 1/4 inches.

starting on a right side K2Tog, K1 all the way across
P across on all the wrong sides
*do this until you have 8 stitches left
*for some rows you will end up with an extra stitch, just knit that one.

Once you have 8 stitches left, cut the yarn long enough for sewing the seam. Thread the yarn through each 8 stitches while taking them off the needle. Pull tight to cinch them together. Sew the hat closed with a tapestry needle. Sew pom pom on top. Done.


grandmatomato said...

Thanks for the hat pattern. Since I bought my three granddaughters American girl dolls in Sept I can use this pattern. I see a few hat and scarves for their dolls. Thanks a lot.

jenny said...

This is excellent...I can't wait to get started!

Anonymous said...

You have created a wonderful hat for the American Girl doll.

Thank you so much for sharing and posting your pattern.

Anonymous said...

Started this for my daughter's AG doll in the morning and she was wearing it by the end of the day--so cute. Fits perfectly! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pattern! I'm Canadian and was looking for a toque pattern for my daughter's Maplelea doll (Canadian version of American girl doll.) This will go perfectly with the Hudson's Bay jacket and fur mitts and mukluks that I am making for her doll for Christmas.

Megan said...

Just made one for my niece. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I really wanted to make this hat,but I still don't get the symbols...what's P1 and K2? I know that P stands for Purl,but I don't get what the number is for...

Cassie said...

Wow! This is awesome! I have two tips, though:

1) Cast on 58 stitches, not 60. I fits better, and you still cast off 8 (or six maybe? Ah well, it depends on how many stitches you have left on the last row).

2) Use a crocheted cord about 3-5 inches long. Use any needle to sew it in little loops. It saves yarn and looks so cute!

And Jamie, P1 and K2 mean purl one and knit two.

zakkalife said...

Thanks Cassie :)

Cassie said...

No problem. I think I like being helpful 10-year-old!

Cassie said...

Oops. I forgot to tell you something in tip #2. I meant to say:

"Instead of a pom-pom, use a hat topper. Pattern: Crochet a cord about 3-5 inches long. Use any needle (yarn or sewing) to sew it into little loops. It saves yarn and looks so cute!"

Sorry for the confusion!

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